-What's NAJA SPA?-

NAJA SPA solves women’s physical problems such as infertility treatment and menstrual disorders. A place for women by women. We want to be like the moon for our customers.


Making a beautiful woman that brings in fortune

NAJA is the name of amulet sent to women among Native Americans.
The uterus, a symbol of women, is a motif, and has long been loved by Indians as a wish for progeny and gynecological health. NAJA SPA was named for its desire to be a guardian deity for women who have gynecological problems peculiar to women, those who are pregnant, those who are pregnant, and mothers with children. Since your body is the original power spot, we will explore the roots of the malfunction and adjust the mind and whole body with each and every customer. I want more and more happy women to come in. I love women who do their best.

We decide the day to operate by looking at the movement of the moon and celestial bodies

It is said that the baby is born with the same frequency of 7.5 Hz as the universe at the moment of birth.
We will live in the role of our own mission while benefiting from the universe. The history of astronomy and Western astrology is old and has been passed down since ancient times.
In the past, it was treated as science, but with the development of modern science, its status was discouraged and was being treated as an occult field. However, mysteriously, I have been touching the human body as a therapist for 10 years, but the customer’s trouble was a “headache” on the same day or “the menstrual pain that occurred in that month was heavy” I understand that most people complain of similar symptoms at the same time. From there, women began to think that the moon and menstrual cycle were the same, and that they were definitely influenced by celestial bodies. The reason for starting such a new style is that I thought that it would be possible to solve the customer’s problems that could not be solved by logical thinking alone. So, we choose a special day for the treatment.
Please entrust your whole body to the magic and playfulness of NAJA SPA and receive the shining power.

Propose a completely custom-made menu

NAJA SPA is a reservation system that allows you to select a treatment time based on your desire to provide a menu that suits you. For example, if you are interested in a 60-minute course or a 90-minute course, a customer who wants to receive treatment equally is a 120-minute course. Choose a time that fits your mood and your schedule.

Teaching the salon’s unique treatment

Therapist meant healer in ancient times. They were able to cure bad parts of the human body and cleanse the mind. Current therapists often improve distorted areas, and improve constipation and swelling. I was wondering about the current therapist. Because many current therapists felt that they treated clients as “objects”. It is natural for a therapist to improve his physical condition. However, I think that what is needed more from now on is “a therapist who can read people’s hearts”. The NAJA SPA training course focuses not only on special technical guidance but also on the therapist’s ideal way and on training to develop the sixth sense, and is working to foster therapists who cultivate love with customers.


Uterus Pelvis Power Conditioning

Massage the internal organs, uterus and ovaries carefully, peel off the adhesions and lift up. It is a traditional technique that adjusts the balance of the entire body and stimulates the flow of energy in the uterus by adjusting the muscles, bones, nerves, and meridians that are closely related to the uterus, and adjusting the uterine tone.

Uterine power adjustment is a therapy for women of all ages from the start of menarche to the end of menopause. The uterine function and the balance of female hormones are balanced, and various gynecological symptoms (PMS, menstrual pain, menstruation,Irregularity, uterus, endometriosis, menopause, etc.) It is thought to be useful for women’s mental and physical health at all life stages.

NAJA Woman Power Conditioning

For those who are worried during pregnancy, menstrual irregularities and menopause. Completely made-to-order menu tailored to the customer’s physical condition, including adjustment of uterine power. From the toes to the head, the muscles and bones are approached and the whole body is adjusted, and the internal organs, uterus, ovaries, and the customer’s heart and brain are gently and deeply relaxed. Aged Korean medicine with wormwood steamed.


Aged Korean Medicine Wormwood steamed

Steamed steamed wormwood steamed in an original blend with a focus on fragrance and ingredients. We will blend the blend that suits the day according to your mood. Because we will apply a lot of Chinese medicine to the vagina, we are particular about the super soft water called ph9.7, which has excellent absorbability.


NAJA Small Face Correction

The muscles, nerves and bones attached to the face are adjusted to correct left and right distortion. There are many effects that can be obtained, such as those who want to make a small face and improve the impression, bruises, bite, make facial parts clear, loose face, double jaw, stiff shoulder, headache.


NAJA Slimming Correction

NAJA slimming correction will improve the overall skeletal adjustment, autonomic nerves, and build a body that can discharge excess waste products while increasing metabolism and fat burning rate.

While sweating with negative ions and far-infrared effect to raise the deep temperature, Ayurveda’s treatment “Aviyanga” and bone technique will release painfully and relax the whole body. For those who want to lose weight, diet, edema, dullness, chronic stiff shoulders and low back pain.


After Childbirth Conditioning

Thoroughly adjusts postpartum whole body distortion. While checking the skeleton, continue to tire the body and continue to care for the womb that worked hard at Aged Korean Medicine Wormwood steamed to improve the constitution. (* Please refrain from those who have been pointed out that there is a physical problem in one month inspection.)


Maternity Conditioning

It is a treatment exclusively for pregnant women. We cope with stiff shoulders, lower body clogging, body distortion and blood flow stagnation. In order to give birth to a healthy baby, we help make the body easy to be born with a strong and safe birth. Recommended for pregnant women who want to prevent weight gain. (* For pregnant women who have entered the stable period for 6 months or more. Please refrain from inflammation and diabetes.)


-WORK SHOP & Seminar-

・Handling of aged Korean medicine wormwood steaming
・Technical demonstration
・Companies wishing to collaborate on workshops

We deal with technical guidance of “uterine pelvic force adjustment” focusing on women’s specific concerns at each life stage, and “Korean wormwood steaming” lineup using mature herbal medicine jointly developed with a Japanese pharmacist.
In Japan, there are quite many infertility, and one pair out of five couples is not able to get pregnant. In addition, there are quite a few people suffering from gynecological diseases.
I have done 6500 treatments, but I’m complaining of something wrong with the womb at about 1 in 2 people. And nowadays, this problem is increasing not only in Japan but also worldwide.
NAJA SPA’s technology is still minor, and I think there is almost no such technology overseas. However, there are many requests for training courses in Japan. As a result of the technology, 70% of customers suffering from irregular menstruation and gynecological diseases improved after 3 months, and nearly 20 people suffering from infertility in one year are pregnant.
I want foreigners to feel the goodness of this technology. Improve the uterus in a way that is not medicine. I want many therapists working in the country to know that there is such a treatment.

《Content example》
・ Technical demonstration
・ 1day Uterus Massage Workshop
・ Technical guidance for uterine pelvic force adjustment (total 4 days, 24 hours)
・ 1day Aged Korean Medicine Wormwood steamed Workshop or Experience Meeting

Please contact us for details.



Nice to meet you. I am Akane, the owner of NAJA SPA. I have a personality that takes care of people. So I think that the therapist’s job matches. My thinking is 70% fantasies and 30% reality. So I always think “What can you please?” “How can I help?” It makes me enjoyable and very exciting. NAJA SPA’s motto is “Let’s guide women with a sense of happiness”. For that purpose, the body must be moist and have power. I’ve met many people and the women who have them feel very lucky. I really want to contribute to the world with the utmost effort to increase the number of such women.